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Join us for our February 20th 2019 Meeting at Andrea's Restaurant 20227 - 56 Ave., Langley @ 11:00 AM
Historian Update from Diane Brown:
Captain Harold Bacon, retired pilot#144, passed away on Friday Dec. 21, 2018. Unable to find an obituary on him at this time. Please advise if anyone has information.
Ron Skinner, retired Seaspan Victoria office employee, passed away December 03, 2018. Ron was a former Island Tug employee when they and Vancouver Tug merged to become Seaspan.  Cannot find an obituary.  Please advise if anyone has further information.
January 2019
Hope you all had a great and Happy New Year!  We have been enjoying very mild temperatures here on the South Coast throughout the fall and, to date,  despite wind storms and power outages it is a joy to take walks everyday, without ice!
As an update regarding the computer and Crossing of the Bar, fortunately for Hailee and unfortunately for us, she has declined to redo the website as she has so many consulting jobs that there is no time left for semi-volunteer work!
We are looking into other resources and wish Hailee the best of luck on her endeavors.
November 2018   Greetings Everyone.  
You are probably wondering what is going on with the website, as it has not changed for some time now and there are many explanations that would constitute "Life Happens" as we all experience, but especially at this age.   Sometimes they all happen at the same time which is what has transpired here.  
Long story short the website has come to end of its usability.  The software that was used to build the website has been obsolete for many years and at the time that Mona MacPherson took on this incredible challenge to build it from scratch it required a lot of dedication and time to create a frame to hold pages of information.  Unfortunately the pages could only hold so much information.  It was finite.  And we have lost way too many souls who have their names on Crossing of the Bar.  We just cannot add any more spaces with this format.  It also is a very 
user unfriendly format to update.  Every space must be moved down below the newest entry
in order to make room for the obituary which is a very time consuming cut and paste. 
I have been happy to keep things going and to have the responsibility of honoring Marine Transportation personnel  with the task of Website Manager although I am not able to spend
the time to create another website, which I have been told by professionals, will cost about $4,000 dollars.
Fortunately, there is a solution.   Websites can be built in templates or frames that already exist these day, which makes it much easier to click and drag segments of information over to a new more modern website.  It does take time of course, which I no longer am willing to volunteer.
Bob Fiorillo's granddaughter has offered to spend her Saturdays over the course of transferring the information from the old framework to a new template.  Haillee has finished her Engineering Degree and has found employment in her field so has time to spend on her sideline.  She has put together other websites in this fashion and we are very lucky to have her take this on. 
So bear with us as we work together to get a better website that is more user friendly, with Mona's blessing.  We hope to keep the feel of her creation with graphics etc. 
In the meantime please keep sending info to Diane Brown as all will be  taken care off in due course.
Bye for now,
Lorraine and Rick McKee


Bob Fiorillo, Vice President has arranged for members to try out a new venue for our monthly lunch meetings.   ANDREAS RESTAURANT is a very popular eating establishment, traditional, with a generous menu and caters to groups in a separate room from the main dining area. 
Please join us this month at 20227 - 56 Avenue, Langley, BC 604 533 0111 at 11:00 AM
It is located 2 Blocks East of 200th Street and 1 Block South of Fraser Highway
Please continue to contact Diane Brown, Historian regarding a B.C. mariner who has worked in the marine industry  and was not acknowledged on the AMC Crossing the Bar on the website.  dianebrown@telus.net
  The next get-together

will be held Wednesday, FEBRUARY 20TH, 2019 @ 11:00am at the ANDREAS RESTAURANT

The address is 20227 - 56 Avenue, Langley, BC

MENU: www.andreasrestaurant.ca Tel: 604 533 0111

(2 long blocks East of 200th St. & 1 block South of Fraser Hwy.)

 Rick McKee, President <info@ancientmarinersofbc.com>

Bob Fiorillo, Vice President <portkellstrading@telus.net>

Diane Brown, Secretary <dianebrown@telus.net>

Albert Gibson, Director

Russ Cooper, Director <russelcooper@rocketmail.com>

Rien Van Der Velden, Director <rienvdv50@gmail.ca>

Peter Bugden, Director

Website: info@ancientmarinersofbc.com


Ancient Mariner Clubs that hold meetings every month include:

Vancouver Island (Chemainus) Club

Located in the Horseshoe Bay Inn Chemainus  

1st Tues. of every Month @ 11:30 Hrs. 

Contact: Jim Goodwin 1-250-758-6727


Mid Island AMC Group Last Monday of Each Month @ 11:00 AM

FRENCH CREEK: Boar's Head Pub, #1, 1025 LEE ROAD, PARKSVILLE, BC (250-248-3713)Contact:  Earl Emery @ 250~591~0661 or MARK1157@shaw.ca  Ian MacPherson @ 250~334~0857

Mariners of the Okanagan


Contact:  Stan Marshall @ 250-498-4400 or stanmarshall@persona.ca