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Contributed by Tom MacLeod Feburary 2012: 

At the Meeting Were Don Chatt, Vince Brown, Frank Baceda, Bruce McDonald, Dave Upper, Earl Emery, George Clements And Tom MacLeod.



Contributed by iGor 04/02/11

Almost done, just a few "finishing touches" then she is good to go. 

The "Spa Trials" were an eye-opener, to say the least. This time I went with 12 volt instead of 6 and it sure makes a difference in "Bollard Pull". I put her in the water mostly to check trim and balance but also to see the difference between the two different voltages. Naturally, at 6 volt it is nice and slow and just what you would expect from a "scaled down" model tug but with the 12 volt, wow, I hooked both motors up, direct to the battery (no speed controls yet) and as soon as I touched the last wire to the motor she "came alive", I have no idea what she would "pull" on a scale but she definitely will "tow a person in a row boat" without too much trouble. No, you can't water ski! I think with the speed controls "hooked up" you will have fairly good control and you won't have all that raw horsepower unless you go "all the way" with the throttles and, as you know, that can only lead to trouble, just as in life. Geeze, sitting on the table I "turned her on" and it makes a really good cooling fan, something to think about, never noticed that before with my other boats. Either way, this one will be a lot of fun to play with. I will have her all finished probably next week and will "trial" her in Comox Lake and probably take some video. Stay tuned for that chapter. Take care, Ian



Contributed by Tom MacLeod 12/30/09:

Here are the pictures I took at the Fanny Bay Ancient Mariners Meeting on December 28th at The Fanny Bay Inn, names provided by Ian MacPherson     


Contributed by Diane Brown 12/20/09:

Port Kells December lunch meeting at the Sawmill Pub:

Harry Richmond, Lorraine McKee

Diane Brown, Harry Richmond, Kim Aliprindini, Tom MacLeod

Tom MacLeod, Kim Aliprindini

Arnie Burchill, Al Gibson

Mark Houston, Jim Brown

Bill Hopkins, Harry Thiessen

Arnie Artnsen, Jack Woods

Randy Smigal, Shawn Gryba

Victor McClelland



Posted November 18, 2008 by Ian MacPherson as forwarded by Tom MacLeod:

Finally I finished the "GILLKING". It was  sunny here today so I thought it would be great for taking pictures.  I don't think I did this bad with the old 35mm, but that might be just be my opinion. Anyway, here she is.




Posted by The Fishers July 2007 Oliver's Ancient Mariners 8th Annual Dinner and Dance:


Posted by Diane and Jim Brown of July 2007 Oliver's 8th Annual Get-to-gether:


Posted 07/30/07 by Lorne Jones re: "The Tugs" at Oliver July 2007 Dance:

Bob and Lorne

After dinner audience anticipation.

Dan and Jess

Lorne, Debbie and Grand-daughter

Kevin, Jess, Lorne, Bob

Jess, Kevin, Lorne

Kevin, Lorne, Jess

Jess, Kevin

Lorne, Pierre, Peggy, Wes


Stan and Rose

Rose and Wes


Posted by Tom MacLeod 07/03/07:

Founding members of A.M. Fanny Bay Chapter Pres. Lance Shepard and Sec./Treas. Ian MacPherson (formerly Pres. Pt Kells)

A.M. Chemainus Chapter members visit the Fanny Bay group for June 2007 lunch meeting.

A joke on the jokester?!  Are these Igor's new dancing shoes?!

Michelle Rankin of Comox traffic.  A sight for sore eyes!

Mark Thoem - retired from Comox traffic.


Fanny Bay Pub guests travel in style.

Mark Thoem's new old ride.


Posted by Barb Chaplin 04/21/07:  FKB Easter Weekend Adventure 2007

Our Play Area

"Trebel" at Church House

Work before Feast

Easter Sunday prawn haul

Raza Island prawn catch

Setting prawn traps

Catching cod 

Kim and Fatty 

I thought you were getting the ladder

Barb take a picture

Resting after cod catch

Old Indian Village of Church House

Here comes the Coast Guard

We got you the Coast Guard, Fatty

Joe with Coast Guard

Kim assisting along side "Trebel"

Off to get more oxygen and medic

Assisted by "Cape Calvert"

Prognosis not good for Fatty

Enroute to Lund

Running to Lund to meet ambulance

In good hands

Not much more we can do but keep going


Posted by Tom McLeod 02/24/07 February 2007 meeting:


Posted by Tom McLeod  02/01/07 January 2007 meeting:


Posted by Tom McLeod 12/21/06 December 2006 Christmas Meeting:


Posted by Tom McLeod 08/25/06:

AMC August 16/06 Stalwart Members

Recipients of 2006 Scholarships:  John Blaney, Chris Brown, Adam Lawson with presenters: Rick, Joanne, Barb

AMC July 19/06 Member Support

AMC July 19/06 Enthusiastic Participation

AMC July 19/06 Directors Choose Scholarship Recipients


Posted by Lorraine McKee 06/29/06: Oliver 7th Annual Get Together

Saturday in Oliver, BC:

Soaking up the 'Rays'

Retired Mona Web Wiz w/Marg & Dawn

Round Table Talks

Fisher Poet John & Verna Elliot, Heather & Jim Derby

Dawn & Al Stanley, Gord & Marg Stanley

Darlene & Bob Fisher, Bea & Rick Kline, Helene & Bob Belobaba

Scotty Alexander & Val Parker, Diane & Gene Beckstrom

Rose & Stan Marshall, Don Sharpe, Lorne & Debbie Jones, Marie (Bud) Jones

Frank & Lynne Moria, Rick McKee, Lynne & Al Hope

Alice & Rusty Murray, Jim & Joanne McClughan

Penny & Bob Martin w/tugboat creation

Band of Up & Coming Ancient Mariners: Vic Gervais, Joey Smith, Lorne Jones, Shawn Gerak, Barry Higgs

Bluegrass Duo: Lorne & Bud Jones

Eleanor & Lance Shepard, Cheryle & Don Toebosch

Harry & Colleen Thiessen and friends

Posted by Barb Chaplin: 03/27/06 ~Ian's Retirement~

Mariners Attending

More Mariners

For Ian 

Here's to Retirement!

What a Send Off

Hi Harry

Happy Retirement Ian

Dispatching and Creating

Nice Shirt

Big Telescope"

Smoking Room Crowd

You'll be seeing UFO's!

 Posted by Barb Chaplin: 09/29/05 ~ Ancient Mariner's Sept. 10th Get-together ~

Posted by Don Medforth:  

Some shots of the Commodore Straits' new life. She is now owned by Great Lakes Distribution,
Trois-Riviers, Quebec and working under the Upper Lakes Group flag towing ships on the
St. Lawrence Seaway. The photos were taken by Kent Malo and posted on www.boatnerd.com

Posted by Don Campbell:

Fog bound seagulls

Sea  Imp

Storm Crest

Westminster Quay

Ya gotta love the sea!

 Posted by Don Medforth:  Maple Bay's May 2004 Wooden Boat Festival :

Posted by Phil Dunlop (Mauigrizzz): A Day In The Harbour

 Posted by Igor:

Norm Cartwright

Don Burton

Don Connolly

John Principe

Jack Lebans

Marcel (Dusty) Miller

Emile Villeneauve

Flemming Jorgensen

George Conway-Brown

Posted by Barb Chaplin:  

Henry Woof (1986)

Henry Woof (1986) HARKEN NO 5

 Mark Houston & Brad

Aldo Aliprandini 

Posted by Igor: 

Craig Burke &
Don Amess

Peter Sachs &
Mitch Paterson

Stewart Broderick &
Craig Burke


West Coast Shower?

The Dwayner

Stewart Broderick

Tiger Tugz' Flag

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