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Sheila Houston's 
PT Cruiser

Sheila's PT Cruiser

Stewart Broderick's 
Lady Amber

Stewart's Rice Rocket

Brad's 2005 Dyna

John's Baby

Gary's Other Ride

Dressed & Ready

Dick's Viper

Ross' /98 Bimmer Z3

Mike Wright's
Toy Boats

Bob Berbeck's 
Toy Train

Bob Berbeck's 
Toy Train

Jake Kasper's 

Jake Kasper 
& Glenholm

Art Anderson's

Art Anderson  
& Glendevon

Harry's New Toy

Harry at the helm of

Mike "Bad News" Roman

Randy's Ride

Ian's Island Monarch

Mitch Paterson
Winner of the R/C Tug Kingcome

Pete Peters 
Winner of the R/C Tug Commodore Straits

Don Medforth's 
1966 Ford Fairlaine

Mitch Paterson's

Mitch Paterson & Dr. Jack

Joe Higgs' Flirt

Joe Higgs & Flirt's Steam Engine

Mitch Paterson's Kingcome

Lance's General Jackson

Igor's Mona Marie

Rick Stanley's  71/StingRay

Barb Chaplin's

One of Peter's RC Boats

Igor's Tiger Wolf

Jon Clingwall's Corvette

Lance's Jose Narvaez

Kim Aliprandini at the helm of the "Master Baiter"

Kim's Toy Boats

Chuck Cahoon's Ride

Mitch Paterson's "Kingsway" fishing Halibut Bank

The Prince & his Iron Horse

Last Year's Iron Horse

Igor's Evco Wave

Kenny Schmidt's Ride

Kim's Animal Collection

Wild- Man ~ Wilder Machine " 160 HP "

Wes Secord's 'Ride

Rick Stanley's Commuter Special

Willie's Ride

Brian Dale-Johnson's HD Truck

Harry's new toy

John McGoldrick's Mini

Igor's Island Mariner

One of Gary's RC Boats

Pete Peters' Commodore Straits

Harry's Sea Cap X

Peter Bugden's Workshop

Paul Jull's Ride

Barb Chaplin's New Jimmy "Deer Slayer"

Harry Richmond's Ride

Kim Aliprandini's 93/Harley

Ian's Mac Tugs'Fleet

Sea Warrior & Commodore

Igor's Sea Warrior

Laurence's Ride

Igor's Neva Straits